Charles O. Prickett: Remembering the Struggle for Civil Rights in America

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One of the original “freedom fighters” in the American civil rights movement, Dr. Charles

O. Prickett is an author, educator and speaker who brings the history and lessons of the period alive.

Dr. Prickett participated in the 1963 March on Washington, the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer, and the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March.

In his recently published book, “Remembering Mississippi Freedom Summer,” he chronicles his time as an active participant in the civil rights movement.

Among others, the book includes his experiences teaching at a “freedom school” and meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King while working on the Selma to Montgomery March.

As an acclaimed public speaker,

Dr. Prickett has appeared before audiences ranging from civic organizations to colleges to high schools and elementary schools.

In addition to showing a film about the period, he recounts his often-harrowing yet deeply meaningful experiences in the civil rights movement.

His message about political involvement and the non-violent approach to social justice is as poignant today as it was 50 years ago.

Today’s political events bring a new urgency to Prickett’s message.

Charles Prickett in the News and in Film

Charles Prickett has been featured in the media for his work as a civil rights activist in the 1960s. He was honored in 2019 when he received the Carter G. Woodson Memorial Award in recognition of a life dedicated to the service of others.

The award is one of the National Education Association’s most prestigious NEA Human and Civil Rights citations. (See video.) In other coverage, Charles was featured in the film “A Regular Bouquet.”

Mississippi Freedom Summer: Get the Book

Mississippi Freedom Summer is Charles Prickett’s moving first-person account of his experiences in 1964 as a college student working in the civil rights movement.

The book (Amazon) brings alive the black community’s struggle to change the stifling and brutal system of racism that touched every life.

Explore and/or purchase the book

Engaging Audiences on the Civil Rights Struggle

It’s one thing to read about history. It’s quite another to hear it first-hand from someone who was actually there as it was happening.

Charles Prickett has enthralled audiences of all ages with his experiences and anecdotes about the civil rights movement. Learn how Prickett informs and engages as a speaker.

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The Man Behind the Book: Meet Charles Prickett

Charles Prickett is not just a college student who happened to find himself in the thick of history being made. He has also been a teacher, an attorney, a judge, a speaker, a political activist-even a jailbird!

Discover the details of his unique background and the perspective he offers.

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